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Team Swim Suit

2020 Swim Team Suit

Buying a team suit is optional but encouraged.

Team Suits are normally available in stock @ 1st Place Athletics (805 Regal Drive Huntsville, AL 35801. Next to Parkway Place Mall)

This suit only had a 2 year life and has been discontinued.  You can however still purchase online at half off.  If you are unable to find your size, something with a similar color will be fine.


Please have your swimmer try on the suit, 1st Place does a great job helping each swimmer find the best size.  1st place has practice suits (reduced price) and does a great job helping swimmers try on different goggles.
Other optional supplies are kick boards, and pull buoys.

Goggles are a good idea since chlorine irritates the eyes and a swim cap or braids are good for girls with long hair. (During meets your hair causes less drag if a cap is worn)