Team Swim Suit

2024 Suits

Buying a team suit is optional but encouraged.

Please visit our team store to purchase a team suit.  We also have recommended goggles and some Sherwood Sharks gear on there!

If you buy a team suit from our team store, the Sharks will get credit towards equipment purchases like kickboards, paddles, pull buoys, and pace clocks.

For girls, kids sizes are anything under a 26, and adult sizes are 26 and up.  For boys, there typically isn’t a distinction between kids and adult sizes.  If you are unsure about your swimmer’s suit size, head over to 1st Place Athletics, and try on some swim suits!

Practice Suits and other equipment are available at First Place Athletics.  Their staff can help fit your swimmer for a suit, try on goggles, and provide any optional gear that you may want.

First Place Athletics
820 Regal Dr SW
Huntsville, AL, AL 35801

1st Place Athletics normally supplies our suits, but they have limited inventory this year. As such, we went with for the 2023 season. 1st place does, however, do a great job helping each swimmer find the best size, and they have practice suits at reduced prices. They carry goggles, caps and other equipment as well.

Goggles are a good idea since chlorine irritates the eyes and a swim cap or braids are good for girls with long hair. (During meets your hair causes less drag if a cap is worn)