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2020 Registration

Sherwood offers four options for membership A) Equity, B) Non-Equity, C) Swim/dive team only and D) NEW Member TRIAL Membership.  We have a new option this season.  It is for NEW members.  The yearly costs and benefits of each type of membership is shown below.

Your cost will be the Yearly dues plus any swim/dive team fees.  On the registration form (cost calculator sheet) you will fill out the appropriate section A, B, or C or D.

Option A: EQUITY MEMBERSHIP (Scroll down for benefits):

  • Equity Ownership Investment – $750
    • One time cost.  One time payment or may make payments for one year. 
  • Summer dues paid every year to keep Equity Membership in good standing.
    •  Family Summer Dues     $390

IF YOU ARE ALREADY AN EQUITY MEMBER, YOU WILL NOT PAY $750, just summer dues (plus any team fees)

  • Family Summer Dues                 $390                   
  • Swim Team                                   $  50 each child
  • Dive Team                                     $  25 each child

Option B: NON EQUITY MEMBERSHIP (Scroll down for benefits):

  • Family Summer Dues                $490
  • Swim Team                                  $ 50 each child
  • Dive Team                                    $ 25 each child


  • Swim/Dive Team Only Summer Dues   $150 per family per year      PLUS
  • Swim Team                                                 $125 each child
  • Dive Team                                                   $   80 each child

For example:  1 child on the swim team ($150+$125=$275)                                                           2 children on the swim team ($150+$125+$125=$400)


  • Family Summer Dues                $350
  • Swim Team                                  $ 50 each child
  • Dive Team                                    $ 25 each child

MEMBERSHIP REFERRAL CREDIT: For returning members, $50 credit on annual dues for every equity or non-equity member you refer.  Credit to be applied to following year’s dues.

EARN UP TO $100 OFF:  For returning members, rebate for volunteer work hours.  $25 rebate per day worked (4 hour minimum).  Opening work and weekly lawn maintenance.  

JOIN MAILING LIST: Go to Contact us-Join mailing list

Special Perks:


Equity Members are our members who have chosen to invest and become owners of the Swim Club.  Each equity member family has committed to this investment, by purchasing a one time share fee ($750).  To keep an equity membership in good standing, annual summer dues must be paid. These annual summer dues will be 20% less than the non equity summer dues. We are able to determine our budget based on our equity membership. These members commit to being lifetime members of the pool. Equity members are also voting members and will assist the board in the decision making for the Swim Club.

  • Own equity in Sherwood Swim Club
  • Discounted annual summer fees
  • Discounted swim team fee
  • Discounted dive team fee
  • Discounted swim lesson fee ($100 for 5-30 minute private lessons)
  • May host parties (lifeguard fees TBD)
  • Free after hours rental (lifeguard fees TBD)
  • 50% discount for party guest fees
  • Swim/dive any time the pool is open 
  • Everyone in your household is a member
    • Grandma too, if she lives with you
    • Your grandchildren, under 18 years old

Yearly summer fees must be paid to keep your Equity Membership in good standing.


  • Helps provide Sherwood with an adequate capital base and for you, ownership!
  • An equity ownership’s purpose is to assist Sherwood in meeting member needs. Sherwood invests it to better meet our member needs. Meeting our members needs takes capital.
  • Low cost way of building capital and less risky than depending on earnings or owing a bank.
  • You are investing in the future of Sherwood Swim Club.  This ensures the pool will continue to operate, build capital and make needed improvements.


Non-Equity Members join the pool summer to summer and pay the annual summer dues. Although committed to supporting the Swim Club, just join from year to year. We are unable to base our budget on these, because of not knowing who will join from season to season.

  • Discounted swim team fee
  • Discounted dive team fee
  • Discounted swim lesson fee ($125 for 5-30 minute private lessons)
  • May host parties ($20 after hours fee, lifeguard fees TBD)
  • Swim/dive any time the pool is open
  • Everyone in your household is a member
    • Grandma too, if she lives with you
    • Your under 18 grandchildren


This is for families or individuals who have never been members of Sherwood Swim Club.

  • One time only, discounted membership
  • Non-Equity Membership


Designed for families whose children are participating in the swim and dive team only. This gives access to the pool during all swim and dive practices, planned parties or swim/dive meets.  We appreciate you joining us and we’re looking forward to a successful Rocket City Swim League season!


  • Pool Hours:
    • Monday-Saturday 10:00am – 8:00pm, Sunday 1:00pm – 8:00pm
    • 6-8 PM every night, FAMILY SWIM, no one under 16 allowed without a parent/guardian
    • NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, they will be performing closing duties
  • The pool will close early (4:00pm) for a home swim or dive meet. We will post these closures in the front pool area.  Everyone is welcome to watch, events are free but the main pool and baby pools will be closed for these events.  We do cookout during these events and food cost is nominal.
  • Please be sure to review and understand pool rules in diving area and on the north side of the pool house. Our lifeguards are trained to keep you safe and enforce rules.
  • Ten minutes to every hour(x-6-8pm) the guards will call rest break. The break is for children under 16.
  • Anyone 16 years or older can swim during rest break. Please keep under 16 children out of the water for their safety, we DO NOT have guards watching the water during break. Please keep them away from the water, not on steps. No one is allowed to have their feet in the water or sit near the edge of the pool.
  • 6-8pm every night is family swim. NO ONE will be admitted under 16 without a parent/guardian. Again, there will be no lifeguard on duty, as they are performing closing duties. Please abide by the diving rules posted by the diving well and general rules(beside women’s bath house) and on member paperwork. This is for everyone’s safety.
  • There are 3 grills available for your use. Please follow these rules when using:
    • Keep grill in safe area
    • Constantly monitor when lit
    • Clean after use
    • Turn off gas
  • Private swim lessons are offered. Please contact SherwoodSwimClub@yahoo.com and we’ll get you scheduled.
  • Questions/concerns, please feel free to contact the Pool Manager or Board Member Lisa Wilcox. Contact information will be in the office.


  • As an equity or non-equity member you may bring guests at any time. It is your responsibility to sign them in and help them complete a waiver. A lifeguard can assist you in giving you a waiver.
  • Each time you come to the pool you must do the following:
    • Member and guests are required to sign in.
    • If you have a guest, guest fee $5, per guest.
    • If no one is in the office, when the lifeguard calls “rest break”, they can assist in collecting guest fees and give your guest a waiver. Please ask the guest to sign the waiver and give to someone in the office.
    • You will be responsible for ensuring your guest fills out the waiver, collect fee and give to lifeguard (as our guards
      are on stand when patrons in the pool)


  • Equity and non-equity members may have pool parties during normal operating hours and after hours.
  • This includes the usage of the pool area, surrounding property or tennis courts. Please email
    sherwoodswimclub@yahoo.com to request a pool party application.
    • Pool party form to be filled out and emailed back or return to office.
    • Property usage, make reservations to ensure we don’t have an event scheduled.