Sharks Attack at Byrd Springs!

June 8, 2023

Our Sherwood Sharks were even better than the weather on Wednesday night!  The Sharks started the season with a decisive victory scoring 401 points to Byrd Spring’s 151, for a win margin of 250 points.  Thank you to Byrd Springs for hosting us, and thank you to all of our swimmers and parents who participated in the meet!  With all of the cheering and excitement, our Sharks showed why Sherwood is the best club in the league!

Sherwood Sharks: 401
Byrd Springs Bull Sharks: 151

Congratulations to our high point winners!

Girls High Point Winner: Avianna Clay, Lynden West    20.25
Boys High Point Winner: Fritz Detwiler    20.25

Swimmers earning 5 or more points: Avianna Clay (20.25), Fritz Detwiler (20.25), Lynden West (20.25), George Detwiler (18.5), Jack Wathen (18.25), Annie Wathen (16.25), Molly Wathen (16.25), Lucy Glass (15.25), Eli Clay (14.25), Maverick West (13.75), Evan Sprinz (12.25), Samuel Todd (11.5), Torin Kyemba (11.25), Joe Todd (11.25), Kipten West (10.5), Ethan Good (10.5), Mina Finley (9.5), Maddy Bilyeu (9.5), Makenzie Knight (9.5), Lillian Driggers (9.25), Lillie Wood (9.25), Jordan Breton (8.75), Emily Sprinz (8.5), Jane Detwiler (7.75), Meg Bailey (7.25), Duncan Todd (6.5), Andrew Peraza (5.75), Matthew Hammer (5.5), Nicolas Perez (5.5)

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