Sherwood Wins First Meet Against RSAL!

June 11, 2022

This first meet was a wild one!  We had almost two hours of delay before the start of the meet, which gave the swimmers an opportunity to dance the night away.  When we finally got started, our team was ready to go, and the energy at the pool was electric.  The Launchers were a wonderful host team, and we enjoyed competing in the water for our first official meet of the season.  Congratulations Sherwood Sharks on a great meet and a victory!

Sherwood: 256,     RSAL: 176

High Point Girl: Avianna Clay 16.75
High Point Boy: Hayden Purser 14.75

Swimmers earning points:
Avianna Clay 16.75 (1), Hayden Purser 14.75 (2), Annie Wathen 11.75 (3), Megan Angelucci 10.75, Matthew Hammer 10.75, Joey Fleming 10.75, Makenzie Knight 9.75, Maverick West 9.75, Joseph Todd 9.75, Kipten West 9.75, Gibson Purser 8.75, Allison Lynn 8, Kate Angelucci 7.75, Ceilidh Sprinz 7.75, Torin Kyemba 7.75, Evan Sprinz 7.75, Tom Fleming 6.75, Lilly Freelove 6, Eli Clay 5.75, Nicolas Perez 5.75, Jack Wathen, 5.75, Graham Eubanks, 5.75, Colt Eubanks 5.75, Charlotte Kenny 5, Mina Finley 4.75, Emily Sprinz 4.75, Braden Tipton 4, Mary Fleming 3.75, Molly Wathen 3, Lillian Driggers 2.75, Alyssa Branum 2.75, Wesley Driggers 2.75, JR Eubanks 2.75, Luci Eubanks 2, William Yang 1.75, Asa Crosson 1.75, Clara Yang 1.75, Daniel Yobs 1.75, John Jarvinen 1, Lena Glass 1, Duncan Todd 1, Haven Clay 1

Cupid Shuffle at the Redstone Launcher’s Pool


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